Music of a uniquely physical and spiritual presence - Dansk Musik Tidskrift 2006
Jaipur to Cairo - Cuartro Puntos


The Oldest Song in the World

Jaipur to Cairo - Divine Art (MSV 28589)

Release date: June 2019

Performers: Kevin Bishop (viola) Steve Larson (viola)

'...The oldest known written piece of music, found in Syria and dated to 1400 BCE, is arranged by Sadie Harrison for two violas with felicitous results, as a perfect example of respectful reinterpretation that avoids academic reverence..’ (Rafael de Acha , Music Notes)


Bass Clarinet and Friends - a miscellany

Owl of the Hazels

Bass Clarinet and Friends - Divine Art (MSV 28579)

Release date: September 2018

Performers: Ian Mitchell (bass clarinet) Aleksander Szram (piano)

'...One work that does, at least to my ears, occupy a space in the gap between York Bowen and Harvey is Sadie Harrison’s Owl of the Hazels (Lazdynn Peleda) which closes the first disc. The piece draws on traditional Lithuanian songs of a bride’s journey and is split into two movements. It was premiered by Ian Mitchell and Tim Jones in 2005 and has obviously stuck with them since Owl of the Hazels is a work which combines virtuosity and immediacy of sound with lyrical expressiveness, juxtaposing harmonic worlds and short jumping gestures with elongated mesmerising clarinet solos.’ (Laura Shipsey Tempo 2019)

'Another piece inspired by extra-classical material is Sadie Harrison’s Owl of the Hazels (Lazdynn Peleda) composed for bass clarinet and piano. This piece features two Lithuanian folk-songs which tell the story of a bride’s journey ‘from first love, to the walk home from church and finally a week later.’ There is also a jazz feel to parts of this work: certainly, some of these tunes seem to swing along. The second half, which clearly represents a degree of disillusion on the bride’s behalf is a morose but satisfying commentary on her thoughts.’ (Musicweb International 2018)

The Silver Stars at Play

As-salāmu ʿalaykum Bethlehem

The Silver Stars at Play (Contemporary Christmas Carols) - Prima Facie (PFCD073)
Release date: 16 December 2017

Performers: KANTOS (director: Elspeth Slorach)

'...for me, the most striking carol on the album is Sadie Harrison‘s As-salāmu ʿalaykum Bethlehem, which doesn’t merely challenge the conventions of Christmas music but boldly sets out more or less to ignore them completely (brava!). ...daringly wild, so ebullient and confident in its expression of joy and optimism that the carol’s culmination sounds positively feral. Utterly amazing.’ (Simon Cummings 5:4 (13.12.2017)

'Perhaps my favourite was Sadie Harrison’s As-salāmu ‘alaykum Bethlehem, a riot of sound that bows least to the saccharine tendencies of the season. Even whilst pushing the harmonic envelope the result feels like a great shout of joy.' Christian Morris Composition Today (14.12.2017)

Return of the Nightingales

Return of the Nightingales (Music for solo piano)

Prima Facie (PFCD071)
Release date: 17 November 2017

Return of the Nightingales (2013), Par-feshani-ye ‘eshq: Six Pieces after Bidel (2013–14), Lunae: Four Nocturnes (2012) Shadows: Six Portraits of William Baines (2013), Four Jazz Portraits (2014), The Souls of Flowers (2016, rev. 2017), Northern Lights (2015), Luna ... for Nicola (2017) after ‘The Crimson Bird’

Performers: Duncan Honeybourne, Philippa Harrison, Ian Pace, Renée Reznek (piano)

Violin Muse

Aurea Luce

Violin Muse - Divine Art (DDA 25160)
Release date: 25 October 2017

Performers: Madeleine Mitchell (violin) Nigel Clayton (piano)

"Violin Muse brings together seven premiere recordings of works by British composers, five of them written for Madeleine Mitchell. They’re a nicely diverse selection, with recorded sound crisp and lustrous throughout, and Mitchell underlines her credentials as a persuasive advocate for these colourful contemporary pieces…..The slow creep of plainsong in Sadie Harrison’s Aurea Luce builds to blistering richness"
Catherine Nelson The Strad (Nov 2017)

Postcards From Oslo

Hällristningsområdet (Rock Carvings)

Postcards from Oslo - Prima Facie (PFCD071)
Release date: 25 July 2016

Performer: Dan Styffe (double bass)

The Rosegarden of Light - Sadie Harrison

The Rosegarden of Light

Toccata Classics TOCC 0342 (2016)
Release date: 3 June 2016

Dast be dast (Allah Hu), Gulistan-e Nur (The Rosegarden of Light), traditional Afghan, arrangements of Afghan songs and dances (Bishop)

Performers: ANIM Junior Ensemble of Traditional Instruments, Kevin Bishop (viola), Ensemble Zohra, Cuatro Puntos

Solos and Duos for strings and piano

Solos and Duos for strings and piano

Toccata Classics TOCC 0304 (2015)
Release date: 29 June 2015

Gallery (Rooms 1 and 2), ..ballare una passacaglia di ombre.. Hidden Ceremonies 1, Three Dances for Diana Nemorensis ..under the circle of the moon..

Performers: Peter Sheppard Skaerved (violin), Mihailo Trandilovski (violin), Diana Mathews (viola), Roderick Chadwick (piano)

The Light Garden

The Light Garden Trilogy

Metier Records MSV CD 92084 (2003)

The Light Garden, The Fourteenth Terrace, Bavad khair baqi!

Performers: Lontano Odaline de la Martinez (conductor) Andrew Sparling (clarinet), Tate Ensemble and Peter Sheppard Skaerved (violin) with Ensemble Bakhtar (traditional Afghan music

"The Light Garden is an offering of the highest quality, with no compromise for popular taste... This is without question one of my top recordings of the year, a ground-breaking release" Music Web

"METIER offers a catalog of consistently impressive discs. In such lofty company, this one still stands out." International Record Review

Taking Flight

Taking Flight

Metier Records MSV CD92053 (2001)

Taking Flight, Traceries, Impresa Amorosa, Arcosolia, Aster

Performers: Kreutzer Quartet, Aaron Shorr (pno), Nancy Ruffer (flute), Lesley Jane Rogers (voice)

"For those who feel that contemporary music often lacks a heart, but who are also uncomfortable with a return to overtly tonal structures, this disc is definitely worth exploring.” Classical London, Disc of the Month

No Title Required

No Title Required

Metier Records MSV CD 92056 (2002)

Quintet: 'No Title Required', Three Expositions, After Colonna

Performers: Double Image

"Three Expositions... expert flautists could do worse than add this beautifully constructed and fascinating work to their repertoire; it should rank alongside Debussy and Varèse ... a composer of considerable potential and power." Music Web

Times for Flying

Times for Flying

Clarinet Classics CC0032 (2001)

Times for Flying

Performers: Colin Lawson and Victoria Soames


Inscapes - New Music For Violin And Piano

Sargasso SCD 28036 (2000)


Performers: Adam Summerhayes and Alan Brown

"'Arcosolia' is a lament finding consolation in proliferating lines which reinforce the relevance of Harrison's impressionist heritage... a versatile and accomplished composer." Gramophone

"...a profounder kind of utterance..." The Wire

Songs from the Exotic

Songs from the Exotic: New works for voice, clarinet and piano

British Music Label BML 012

Nani ka itou

Performers: Tapestry

‘Sadie Harrison brings to poignant life the fate of Japanese geishas more than a millennium ago.’ Musical Pointers

New French SongNew French Song

Metier Records MSV CD 92100 (2005)

...issu stellaire...

Performed by Alison Smart and Katherine Durran

"standing out as one of the most innovative scores is '...issu stellaire...'" Tempo

An Unexpected Light

An Unexpected Light

NMC D125

An Unexpected Light, A Hidden Light, Songs for Rusne, A Bride’s Journey in Three Songs and a Memory, An Angel Reads my Open Book, Geda’s Weavings

Performers: Rusne Mataityte (violin), Kaskados Trio, Sergej Okrushko (pno) St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, Vilnius; conducted by Donatas Katkus

"NMC has struck gold. A wonderful sequence which held us enthralled, playing the programme through with only one brief pause; a marvellous 'concert' which builds on the legacy of Bartok's Kodaly's pioneering collecting long ago, 'cross-over' a new and enriched meaning; which we will return." Musical Pointers

"Sadie Harrison's unique fusion of elements from indigenous Lithuanian music and poetry with her own modernist, often abrasive style, have led her to be compared with Bartok, but her underlying empathy with the local people of this war-torn country shines through with a poignancy and warmth all of her own." Tempo

One Minute Wonders

One Minute Wonders

Cadenza, Sleeping with the Fishes

Performer: Clive Williamson




Impresa Amorosa

Performer: Nicky Losseff

Pianthology is a collection of seven contemporary piano works by living composers, published by the University of York Music Press and performed by Nicky Losseff, aimed at university and conservatoire level piano students, and also serving as an excellent introduction to new music for the piano for any dedicated player looking to broaden their range.

The NMC Songbook

The NMC Songbook

NMC D150

Easter Zunday

Performers: Benjamin Hulett and Andrew Ball


"This extraordinary project confirms the robust health and endlessly varied landscape of Britain's new music. There is no other document anywhere that has given such a snapshot of an artistic community that, while comprised of a hundred different ways of expressing itself, is of one voice when it comes to creative energy." JOHN ADAMS

Spectrum for Clarinet

ABRSM SPECTRUM for clarinet

ISBN: 9781860964084 (includes CD)

Bell Music for St. Casimir

Performers: Ian Mitchell (clnt) and Thalia Myers (pno)

• an exciting and innovative collection of specially-commissioned pieces
• an outstanding volume of repertoire
• ranges in difficulty from Grades 1 to 8
• suitable for student, amateur and professional clarinettists of all ages
• includes a CD of all 16 pieces, performed by Ian Mitchell and Thalia Myers

Spectrum for Piano Duet

ABRSM SPECTRUM for piano duet

ISBN: 9781860969713 (includes CD)

Fire-clouds over Szazhalombatta

Performers:Timothy Salter and Thalia Myers

Spectrum for Piano Duet is a unique collection of contemporary works for piano, four hands. The newly commissioned pieces range in standard from Grade 3 to Diploma and are suitable for pianists of all ages.
Seven pieces have easier Secondo parts, for teacher-student and mixed level pairs.