Concerti and Orchestral

(Ordered by date of composition)

Via della Fortuna (2013)

String orchestra (
10 Mins
Published 2013
First performance: St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra (cond. Donatus Katkus), St. Katharine's Church, Vilnius, 25 April 2013

An Unexpected Light (2003)

Concerto for solo violin with string orchestra and percussion (1)
16 mins
Published 2003
First performance: St. Christopher Orchestra with Rusne Mataityte (violin) and Donatas Katkus (cond), City Hall, Vilnius, 20th February 2004.
Recorded on NMC D125

The Fourteenth Terrace (2002)

for solo clarinet (Eb/A), 2 vn, va, vc, db
12 mins
Published 2002
First performance: Lontano, with clarinettist Andrew Sparling and conducted by Odaline de la Martinez, Purcell Room, London, 30th September 2002.
Recorded on Metier Records MSV CD 92084.

Sufficit lumen in tenebris (1996)

for symphony orchestra
15 mins
Published 1996
4(1st+picc, 4th+afl).3(3rd=ca).4(1st+cl in A, 4th+bcl).2 / / pf(+cel).hp.perc(3) /
First performance: Goldsmiths Sinfonia, conductor Edward Gregson, Blackheath Concert Halls, April 1996.

Architechtonia (1986)

for cello and ensemble
12 mins
Published 1986 / / pn.cel.perc(2), mnd,
First performance: Music Projects/London, cond. Richard Bernas, St. John's, Smith Square, November 1987.